Design & Illustration

I do freelance design and commissioned art pieces. Feel free to inquire about your art needs.


I am now part of the State of the Art

Tattoo Family. We just recently opened our doors.

My Story

My professional career started  with campaign work and  individual client focused projects at an Indianapolis based ad agency.
I soon moved into product design; creating ideas for new products, initial prototypes, and completed mass produced inventories. Soon, I realized sitting behind a computer was not the right move for me.
I took on a tattoo apprenticeship 5 years ago north of Indianapolis and have been tattooing ever since.
Feel free to browse my galleries and let me know what you think....


"Learn The Rules like a pro, so you can Break them like an artist."

                                             -- pablo picasso

Tattoo • Design • Illustration

I've never been able to make up my mind. When it comes to art, I like to switch it up. i draw my inspiration from many different artists and art forms.